Mark says what it is about.

If you really want your target audience to remember you, make sure to watch for this icon.
This icon symbolises a branding mark, which represents quality and an outstanding product. We refer to it as Mark.

We make complex knowledge accessible.

What can two floors of researchers, journalists, instructors, studios, animators, designers and developers offer this world? An explosion of knowledge transfer. Welcome to Brainstud. We make complex knowledge accessible using compelling new kinds of media. These range from individual animations to entire digital books, for anyone who wants to share knowledge.

Care guidelines made accessible to nurses.

Critical reasoning and acting in neighborhood care.

Scientific research made accessible.

The new labour market qualification for vocational students.

From businesses to educational institutions

Knowledge transfer takes place everywhere. In the workplace, in the classroom, and everywhere in between. Various sectors with various needs. Brainstud has fitting solutions for all communication objectives and goals. These include:

  • E-Learing Courses
  • Digital books
  • Explanatory animations
  • Virtual Reality
  • MOOC's
  • Lectures
  • SCORM e-learning
  • and more

Next level. On 3 levels.

Educationally responsible

Our content directors interview, advise and write. They transform the most complex content into easy-to-understand stories that are turned into a script. Our creatives use these scripts as the basis for developing effective (multi)media.

New media

No topic is boring or complex. By presenting a message in the right way, even understanding rocket science becomes a piece of cake. Brainstud has a constantly growing arsenal of media formats for sharing knowledge at its disposal: knowledge carriers.

Fast delivery

Brainstud creates everything in-house. That means we use our own staff and studios. In addition, our production processes are designed to be highly efficient. That means we can create the best content for any platform within a short time frame.

  • “Brainstud's straightforward and polished production process ensures that they can deliver our animations within ten working days.”

    Gert-Jan Schoppert
    Global Marketing Capgemini
  • “Brainstud has helped me enormously in getting my story across surprisingly clearly. The collaboration has been an impressive source of inspiration!”

    Tommy Visscher
    Epidemiologist and health scientist.
  • “To me, working with Brainstud is the perfect example of how all business collaborations should be.”

    Frank van Hout
    Executive board member Friesland College
  • “We are very pleased with Brainstud's creativity. They really understand the specific needs of our organization.”

    Monique van’t Hek
    CEO Plan Nederland